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Here at House My Pet, we’re passionate about animals, their care and their welfare. Our carefully selected dog carers can be matched with your dog for a true home from home experience. We request our pet carers have the correct Pet Business insurances in place and required supporting documents, such as DBS checks & licenses. Our dog care specialists are able to create solutions around your needs and help you to find the right individual care for your dog.

Some Of Our Dog Care Services

Dog Walking Service

Our pet carers will take on the responsibility of walking your dog for the required length of time. Whether you're at work, aren't able or can't find the time, they will offer you a custom solution to suit your lifestyle and schedule, and dog’s needs.

Dog/Puppy Pop In Visits

Help your dog overcome separation anxiety with our pet carers. Do you work long hours or are away from home all day? Our pet carers can come to your home and check up on your dog or puppy throughout the day. Whether your companion requires some playtime, cuddles and affection, the toilet or maybe a snack, it will be covered.

Dog Sitting Service

While you are away, one of our pet carers can come over and stay overnight at your home. Dog sitting is the perfect solution for dogs that are best kept at home because they are more comfortable in their own environment and prefer familiarity. Dog sitters allow for your pet to stay in familiar surroundings while following their normal routines. This is especially good for disabled dogs who may have a vision impairment or immobility issues, and it is also a great option for dogs who have behavioral issues such as separation anxiety. For an added bonus, your house will look occupied while you’re gone; there will even be someone there to water the plants and pick up the post.

Dog Home Boarding Service

Give your dog a holiday with our home boarding services. They will be given company by one of our carers while enjoying all of their usual home comforts. With home dog boarding, your dog will be cared for individually, allowed on furniture and be given free roaming if requested. Their routine will stay maintained and all of the instructions that you give us will be carried out. They’ll be given the luxury of plenty of walks, playtime with their favourite toys and they will also stick to their regular food and feeding bowls. We recommend packing them a bag full of their favourite toys and treats so that they feel as comfortable and happy as possible while in another environment. While away, stay rest assured that your dog will enjoy constant human company. It’s a far cry from many kennel environments that can sometimes cause dogs to become lonely and anxious. Instead, they will be given dedicated attention throughout. All of our UK home boarders hold a license by their local authority. A license means that your boarder has had their home inspected and only cares for a limited amount of dogs at a time (you can opt in for solo care in our matchmaking system). Our boarder’s meet DEFRAs animal welfare requirements and also comply with all safety requirements.

Dog Day Care Service

Daycare is the perfect option for giving your dog additional enrichment during the day. Our carers can also offer puppy daycare that’ll give your puppy extra socialization while they are young. This service can be offered in your home or in the carers home. It is personalized to suit your dogs needs, and it is a much better alternative to crowded commercial dog daycare centers.

Dog Wedding Chaperone Service

Do you want your dog at your wedding? Our pet carers can accompany, care for and manage your dog so that you have peace of mind. Our Dog Wedding Chaperone care takes all the hassle and headaches out of wedding day dog care so that you can relax and enjoy this special occasion.

Post-Surgery Care Dog Sitting

The first week after surgery is the most crucial in your pet's recovery. We understand how challenging post surgical care can be; especially when your pet’s require supervision and care, but you are struggling to find the time due to other commitments. However, there’s no need to worry because we have carers who can help. For instance, any medications needed will be administered exactly to your instructions, and your pet’s condition will be monitored in case of any deterioration. Your animal’s health will be constantly kept an eye on and professional help will be sought out immediately and when necessary. Any emergencies will be quickly and professionally dealt with by one of our professional carers; you can stay relaxed knowing that your dog is in the best quality care whilst you are away from home.

Medical Administration For Your Dog

Our carers are skilled in administering oral medication, insulin injections and subcutaneous fluids. Physical therapy, nail trims, ear cleaning and eye drops or applying ointment can also be carried out by one of our skilled carers. Please discuss full details with your designated match so that a quote and evaluation can be made accurately.

Dog Disability Care

We have pet carers who are professionally qualified to attend to your dog's needs if they have a disability. Whether we are taking care of a dog in a wheelchair, or one that requires regular bladder emptying, we will be there to assist. We have professionals known to care for dogs that have missing limbs, paraplegic dogs, elderly dogs with medical problems, dogs with limited mobility, epileptic dogs and deaf or blind dogs. Please give your match detailed information about what is normal for your pet, and the kind of care that they require to stay healthy and happy while you’re away.

Behavioural Problem Care

Our pet carers are experienced with a wide variety of behavioural issues such as separation anxiety and reactiveness, and if able, will undergo training with them and encourage positive behavior. When searching for a carer on our site, be sure to tick this box if your dog needs that extra care.

Dog Care Match-Making

Whether it’s dog walking, dog sitting, home dog boarding, pop in visits, dog daycare, dog wedding chaperoning or any other special requirements that your dog needs, we guarantee that we have the perfect person for your pet. We are the only business that offers a pet match-making service with professional, experienced and licensed carers who deliver a true home from home experience. We are proud to be the first pet caring company to offer this match-making service. Since setting up this proposition, we have received tremendous feedback that has confirmed that this level of consideration and dedication is highly beneficial to dogs and their owners.

Our Promise To You

It's understandable if you're anxious to leave your pet under the care of someone that you don't necessarily know, but we can assure you that our verified and insured dog lovers have your four-legged friend's best interests at heart. Our professional carers have come from a background of dog ownership, have gained qualifications and overall, have experience, knowledge and understanding of how it is best to take care of these beautiful animals.