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Are you looking for a Rabbit pet care services? Whether you have a rabbit, guinea pig, gerbil, hamster or a rat, we adore each and every kind of animal, and we would be more than happy to take care of your small friend for you. Our main priorities are your animal's welfare, and to provide the highest level of care from the professionals listed. Our small animal carers will ensure that your pet is looked after through a true home from home experience; ensuring that they stay comfortable and happy throughout. Our exceptionally talented team all have the relevant supporting documents such as a DBS check and pet business insurance, as well as professional experience in taking care of small animals. They will give your small animal the same attention and care as we would our own; after all, we love them just as much as you do! Our small animal care specialists tailor their services to suit the needs of you and your pet.

Some Of Our Rabbit Care Services

Rabbit Sitting Service

Going to be away from home? We've got you! One of our pet carers can stay in your home overnight to look after your small animal and house sit while you're gone. This service is especially ideal for animals who prefer familiar surroundings and don't take well to traveling. Animal sitters will ensure that your pet stays comfortable while fulfilling their usual routines. Animals who suffer from any behavioural issues or animals that have a disability suit well to this service because they will always be kept an eye on. As a little extra bonus, your home will look occupied, and there will be someone there to take care of any house maintenance that you require. Our animal carers are happy to travel to your home, making our services available to everyone.

Rabbit Home Boarding Service

Are you on holiday? Your pet can be too! You can transport your pet, along with its cage or enclosure to your carers home where they will take good care of your furry friend, while also giving them the attention that they deserve. Our animal boarding services ensure that your small pet is cared for individually and given their regular routine. We will always follow your instructions and administer the required care for your pet. Your small animal will be handled with care, given playtime, full roaming rights on request, and they will stick to their usual feeding times. Pack a bag full of their treats, food and any toys that'll keep them entertained and we will do the rest! We understand the responsibility of small animals; handling them is important so that they stay used to human contact. Unlike other animal boarding services that tend to have a lot of animals to care for, your designated service provider will give your pet their undivided attention.

Rabbit Pop In Visits

If you feel that the above services aren't necessary for your animal who prefers their independence and space, our pop-in visits are ideal for you. Your pet can still be handled and be given the required care at the times given. We do this by one of our animal carers visitng your home during the day while you're away. Whether your little furry friend requires feeding, someone to play with, administer them medication, or clean their cage out, one of our animal carers will take care of them.

Post-Surgery Animal Care

If your small animal has recently had surgery, we understand how crucial the first week is for their recovery. Post-surgical care can be very challenging, especially when you have other commitments and cannot supervise them at all times. That's where our post-surgery animal care professionals come in. If your animal requires medications, for instance, they will administer it according to your instructions. An animal carer will always monitor your pet in case of any deterioration. Your small animal's health will always be prioritised; if professional help is needed, stay rest assured that we will immediately act on this.

Medical Administration For Your Rabbit

Our animal carers are skilled and experienced in administering oral medication, insulin injections and subcutaneous fluids. We can also undergo nail clipping, eye drops and applying ointment if requested. They are fully aware of how to treat your animal, and will continuously monitor them for any signs of illness or pain.

Rabbit Disability Care

Does your small animal have a disability? Our pet carers are fully qualified to tend to their needs. Whether they just need extra support during general tasks or their mobility is impaired, they will give them the assistance while also ensuring they are given the quality love, care and attention that they deserve too. We ask that you disclose the full details of your pet's disability and the special requirements that they'll need during the booking process so that we can keep your little friend happy and healthy while you're away.

Rabbit Care Match-Making

Did we mention that we will match your furry friend with one of our pet carers? Every animal has its own routine, characteristics and level of care required, which is why only have professionals on our website.

Our Promise To You

We understand the worry that comes with leaving your pet in the hands of someone that you do not necessarily know, but we can assure you that our passionate animal lovers will do their utmost in attending to your pet so that they feel as comfortable as can be. You can even request updates and photos while they're in care if you'd feel more comfortable in checking up on them! All of our animal caring experts have a history of small animal ownership, and have extensive experience dealing with the animals they provide services for.